Varicose Veins Treatment in Japan.
Dr. Okamoto has been documented by the TV program "Super Doctor" on Tokyo Television.
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Dr. Shinichi Okamoto: Specialist for the endovenous cautery treatment of varicose veins.

Welcome to Our Clinic

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The varicose vein center in Kyoto.

A "tumour like" atypical lump on lower limbs

Subjective symptoms of varicose veins, part 1

Small blood vessels are becoming visible (telangiectasia)

Subjective symptoms of varicose veins, part 2

Loss of posture and loss of strength in the legs whilst standing up

Subjective symptoms of varicose veins, part 3

Swelling of the lower limbs

Subjective symptoms of varicose veins, part 4

Cramps occurring from the late evening to the morning

Subjective symptoms of varicose veins, part 5

A darker shade of colour on the ankles.

Subjective symptoms of varicose veins, part 6


The most common concern of patients with varicose veins are the lumps which appear on the blood vessels in the legs. The disease is not fatal, and generally doesn't affect the overall health of the patient. Varicose veins do not ....

Approach To Treatment

Up until the Japanese medical insurance was applicable to intravascular cautery treatments, patients usually applied for a "vein stripping operation" which involved a full removal of varicose vein. This procedure ....

Our new operation method leaves no visible scars on the skin.

Our treatment finishes within the day.

A single session can fully treat the disease.

Our service aims to shorten waiting times and improve quality in patient care.

We always prioritise the thoughts of our patients.


We strive to be a hospital that can provide satisfactory medical care to the patient of Varicose veins.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Should I book an appointment?

To avoid having our patients wait a long time for their treatment, we prioritise those who booked an appoint for the day. However, we consider that some of our patients may find it difficult to contact us beforehand, and therefore accept patients on the day without a reservation.

Yes, definitely, we accept all types of domestic Japanese medical insurances. Please bring your medical insurance card to your appointment.

The disease has many varieties and multiple symptoms, which makes it hard to self-diagnose. If there are any features that match any descriptions from medical websites or documents, please visit us for an official diagnosis.

If you are healthy enough to walk, there are no age limitations. We also prescribe medication suitable to the patient's fitness to avoid unnecessary risks and health problems.

You do not. Our treatment cost is the same whether or not you have a letter of introduction.

With a domestic Japanese medical insurance, we charge 800 yen for 10% insurance and 2500 yen for 30% insurance. This cost is the national standard, and is the same in other clinics.

We don’t have our own parking area, but you can park at the parking lot located close to the clinic. And we recommend our patients to come by train or bus.

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