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Doctor Of Madicine
Shinichi OKAMOTO

My name is Dr. Okamoto

Welcome to our clinic! Before you visit our clinic, I would like to briefly introduce myself. I have been an expert in varicose vein treatment for over 15 years, having conducted over 2000 cases of varicose vein treatment every year.

This is the highest number in Asia for patients treated for varicose vein disease by a single medical doctor. This has led to many patients across the Asian continent to visit us for varicose vein treatment at this clinic.

I have the utmost confidence in our skills and technology. we will always provide the best services and treatments for you.


Kyoto PUM hospital.
Kyoto PUM of Medicine, graduate school, graduated.


・Specialist of Varicose veins
・Doctor of Varicose veins and vascular cautery treatments
・Japanese college of angiology, Doctor of angiology
・Member of the Japan Orthopaedic Association
・Compression stockings Conductor


・Japanese Society of Vascular Surgery
・Japanese College of Angiology
・Japan Orthopaedic Association
・Japanese Society of Anti-ageing Medicine

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Doctor Of Madicine
Xiaoning TONG

Varicose vein of lower extremity is not symptomized by pain so medical consultation is usually delayed.

Besides, it is sometimes visibly unrecognizable so patient may find their legs swelling and tiring but still they don’t take any actions for they have no ideas of the cause behind.

I have witnessed a huge number of severity, ulcer, and skin induration stemmed from the delay of medical consultation that bring about difficulties in treatment. As a cardiovascular surgery physician, I would like to reach out as many patients as possible and thus I have decided to specialize in varicose vein of lower extremity.

I am dedicated to related consultation in which I am utilizing all my knowledge and techniques. Legs are the important foundation of our lives and vital parts of our body. It’s advisable not to procrastinate when there is abnormality. Consult doctors early.


• Sep 2010 Tsinghua University Hospital cardiac vascular surgery medical staff
• Sep 2011 Tsinghua University graduate Cardiovascular Surgery Department of Ph.D.
• Apr 2016 Kushiro Kojinkai Memorial Hospital resident
• Apr 2018 Osaka University Hospital cardiac vascular surgery
• Apr 2019 Hiring in Fushimi Vein Clinic


• The Japanese Society for Cardiovascular Surgery medical specialist
• Doctor of Abdominal stent graft
• Doctor of Thoracic stent graft


• The Japanese Society for Cardiovascular Surgery
• The Japanese Society for Vascular Surgery
• The Japanese Association for Thoracic Surgery
• Japan Surgical Society